BaByliss Stellato Digital Dryer
BaByliss Stellato Digital Dryer
BaByliss Stellato Digital Dryer
BaByliss Stellato Digital Dryer
BaByliss Stellato Digital Dryer
BaByliss Stellato Digital Dryer
BaByliss Stellato Digital Dryer

BaByliss Stellato Digital Dryer


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BaBylissPRO introduces the Stellato Digital, even lighter and more efficient than any of the best professional digital hair dryers in the market. Specially designed for maximum airflow, low noise, low vibration and minimum weight, the Stellato GIGITAL hair dryer, a pure MADE IN ITALY technological and engineering gem, delivers faster drying and long lasting styling resukts eith the hairstylists1 comfort in mind.

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• Fully balanced, ergonomic design

• Ferrari designed engine with EDM TECHNOLOGY

• Powerful 2400 watts

• Lightweight 396 g

• Long life, up to 10 000 hours

• Air speed: 208km/hr

• Airflow: 91 m3 /h

• Central ion generator

• 12 speed and heat settings

• Cold shot • Power and care booster (turbo function)

• 3 ultra-thin drying nozzles

• Diffuser

• Removable rear filter

• 2,8m swivel cord

• Hang ring

• Silencer (10)


New technology of electronics driven motors Long lifespan Typical motors require carbon brushes, which cause friction, and are ultimately worn down over the life of the styling tool. Once the brushes are depleted, the motor will fail. We have eliminated the carbon brushes and replaced them with a rare earth magnets ring. The motor of the STELLATO DIGITAL lasts up to 10 000 hours, that is to say up to 10 times longer than the AC engines. Steadiness The motor is driven by electronics for optimum output.

Air flow is constantly controlled for maximum stability. There is no decrease of power, nor decrease of performance. Less vibrations Thanks to the electronics driven motor with double ball bearing, vibrations are significantly reduced. This, combined with the lightness of the motor (150 g instead of 250 g for regular AC ones), makes these appliances provided with this technology of motor very comfortable to use, even intensively. Muscular tensions are reduced, therefore providing optimum comfort.

More silence

Electronics controls the motor’s rotation at a rate of 4 million times per second. Rotation generating noise, electronics control softens each sequence of rotation; therefore avoiding human ears unpleasENGLISH 8 ant sound frequencies.

Power and care booster

The turbo function has the twofold advantage of being able to increase speed and air flow without increasing temperature. It makes drying faster or can emphasize the finishing touches on certain locks without compromising hair protection.

Smart digital motor

The STELLATODIGITAL's motor is equipped with a sensor that enables it to detect the nozzle attached and to automatically adjust its speed and air flow. When using a concentrator nozzle the dryer's motor will detect the accessory and will automatically accelerate. This exclusive feature offers genuine efficiency, the best styling results and total respect of the hair fiber.


The STELLATO DIGITAL hair dryer has a central negative ion generator that generates an exceptional volume of millions of ions per cm3. Hair is naturally positively charged; this positive charge is inCOLD AIR 9 creased during drying and generates static electricity, which causes the scales of the hair to move away from each other. The surface of hair thus becomes rough and takes on a lifeless appearance. The negative ions generated by this hair dryer will neutralize the positive charge and, in this way, remove any static electricity in the hair. Hair is shiny and easy to style. It has been proven that ionic technology acts as a catalyst for hair products.


The STELLATO DIGITAL hair dryer has an ergonomic handle that makes it very comfortable to use. Its light weight and ideal balance make it perfect for the salon. CONCENTRATOR NOZZLES

The STELLATO DIGITAL hair dryer comes with 3 different concentrator nozzles: - one 6mm x 60mm straight, narrow nozzle that is perfect for straightening because it lets you achieve the required tension on the hair. - an ultra thin and dual concentrator nozzle for even greater air flow optimization. - one 4mm x 70mm ultra-thin nozzle for optimal, controlled air pressure and even more efficiency.

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