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Solanie AHA Peel exclusive renewal programSolanie AHA Peel exclusive renewal programSolanie AHA peel exclusive renewal program takes the advantage of alpha-hydroxy-acids. Removes dead skin cells and sebaceous impurities from the skin surface with its exfoliating effect. €29.99 Add to cartQuick viewSolanie AHA peel 5 serum 15 mlSolanie AHA peel 5 serum 15 mlA multifunctional peeling serum with 5% AHA acid. It can not only remove dead skin cells, but also makes the skin permeable and more harmonious in its natural color. €16.99 Add to cartQuick viewSolanie AHA peel skin rejuvenating night cream 30mlSolanie AHA peel skin rejuvenating night cream 30mlActivate and refresh skin worn by age, from environmental damage and signs of UV light-induced aging with AHA Peel Skin Rejuvenating Night Cream. Rejuvenate skin with a cream optimized for skin renewal processes, wrinkle smoothing, hyperpigmentation moderation. With regular use of the cream you can restore youthful glowing skin. €16.99 Add to cartQuick viewSolanie Grape-hyaluron facial scrub 50 mlSolanie Grape-hyaluron facial scrub 50 mlMechanical peeling with real grape seed pieces. Rich in polyphenols, thus it has an outstanding antioxidant effect and inhibits free radical formation. Even in the cleansing phase it protects the skin cells and prevents the skin from oxidative damage. €11.99 Add to cartQuick viewSolanie Quick Fine Enzyme Peeling Gel 30 mlSolanie Quick Fine Enzyme Peeling Gel 30 mlUsing Quick Fine Enzyme Peeling Gel you will discover the feeling of silky smooth skin that is ready to get perfect care. The special exfoliating gel splits the protein bonds between skin cells, thereby effectively removes dead skin cells from the skin surface and cleanses the face at the same time. €9.99 Add to cartQuick viewSolanie Alginate Skin renewal maskSolanie Alginate Skin renewal maskThe double-acting mask combines the exfoliating effect of papaya and the renewal effect of amino acids to completely rejuvenate the skin. €1.99 Add to cartQuick view
Partner experience on a next level

On May 16, 2022, the exclusive Gerbeaud event venue hosted Solanie's hungarian key partners for a true professional day to refresh their knowledge and meet the team that shapes the brand's everyday life. There was no shortage of interested parties, as almost all the beauticians participating in the partner programme came and listened to a series of interesting presentations.

The effect of Gua Sha stones, facial rollers and minerals in beauty care

Face rollers and gua sha stones are among the top tools for both professionals and skin care fans when it comes to tightening the face and enhancing its contours. But the question arises in everyone: what do these minerals know and do they really work? Systematically repeated movements based on meridian massage with gua sha stone and facial roller improve blood circulation, accelerate lymphatic circulation, relax facial muscles and smooth out fine lines.

New Solanie ALL IN ONE BB creams, because the perfect look is for everyone

The Solanie BB creams have just arrived. You can use them as a foundation or even as a skincare cream, with multifunctional effects. They are skin-friendly yet effective at covering any imperfections and ensuring a more even, healthy complexion. Solanie's latest BB creams can be used by anyone, regardless of gender or age!