Partner experience on a next level

    On May 16, 2022, the exclusive Gerbeaud event venue hosted Solanie's hungarian key partners for a true professional day to refresh their knowledge and meet the team that shapes the brand's everyday life. There was no shortage of interested parties, as almost all the beauticians participating in the partner programme came and listened to a series of interesting presentations.

    Partner experience on a next level

    Dr. Enikő Kuroli gave an interesting and informative lecture about skin lesions caused by sunlight and the importance of recognizing them, illustrated with many pictures. Listening to the doctor, everyone agreed that as a beautician, it is necessary to have a dermatologist "colleague" who helps and supports the salon work and is there in the background to turn to if necessary.

    The participants were guided into the future trends of active ingredients by Dr. Erika Rónyai Csordásné, who surprised the audition with a discovery that many of them are already available in Solanie's formulations and are effective in helping their guests to beautify their skin every day. As an extra surprise, we were also treated to a few nuggets of information about Solanie's new range of products in development and a few new launches coming soon.

    To make sure that the real professionalism was not missed, Eszter Tamás, Solanie's business development manager, introduced the Aroma Sense product line, which debuted this spring, and guided us into the world of holistic beauty care. Participants could not only smell the products, but also find the ones that best suited their personality. In addition to the theoretical material, they could also see how to use them in practice.

    A special highlight of the event was the presentation by Dani Richard, head of the professional division, who, breaking away from the purely cosmetic line, showed the professionals sales methods that are already working well. These effortless, no extra money, psychologically based methods can be used to refresh guest and business communication in a way that generates extra revenue and a high level of interest for the user.

    The event was concluded with the awarding of partners who have done outstanding work in the past period, who with their loyalty and professionalism do their best every day to enhance the reputation of the Solanie brand and to promote the values represented by the brand.