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The BaByliss Curl Secret Elegance Automatic Curler is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. No professional knowledge is needed to create perfectly curled hair. With just one simple movement, it does the work for you.

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We designed it to be lightweight and easy to use.

You don't need to be a professional to create perfectly curles.
With just one simple movement, it does the work for you.

The BaByliss Curl Secret Elegance 2660NPE Automatic Curler is the ideal beauty tool for those days when you want to achieve a special look with minimal effort.

AUTO CURL technology: a quick and easy system for beautiful and long-lasting curls. It features an automatic curling system that automatically shapes the hair into a curl before curling, ensuring even waves. Using the device, the hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic chamber where the curl is gently heated from both directions and curled according to the settings.

Automatic curler coating: ceramic
*The styling surface is coated with ceramic, which has been one of the most popular coatings for styling tools for many years.
It has been a favourite for many years, thanks to its fine grain size, excellent heat resistance and favourable friction coefficients, which do not damage the hair structure.

2 temperature settings: 185-205 °C
The two temperature settings help you to customise the result: choose the lower temperature for loose, natural curls and the higher temperature for curly curls.

Automatically variable curl direction: gives you a natural curl.

Heat up time: 100 seconds

Automatic timer: 12 seconds heating time, the appliance will indicate when the curl is ready.

Sleep mode: automatic function. If you do not use the appliance for more than 20 minutes, the temperature will automatically drop to around 150°C. If you then want to use the appliance, simply close the lid and release the levers, and it will return to the original temperature.

-29mm diameter curling chamber
-On/off switch
-Heat ready indicator
-LED indicator light
-Auto shut off: if the appliance is switched on for more than 60 minutes continuosly, it will automatically switch off. It reduces the chance of accidents. No more worries! 
-cleaning tool

Cord length: 1.8m (rotating cord)

WARNING! Read the safety instructions before use. Make sure that the hot cover of the device does not touch your skin, especially eyes, ears, face and neck.

Curler dimensions in open position:
Height: 92mm
Length: 256mm
Width: 83mm
(Data in the Additional Information refers to the size of the box!)
Curler height when closed: 69mm

Total weight: 0.385kg
Voltage and power--> 230V~50-60Hz /25W

Tip: After switching on, just wait for the LED light to light up, then the curler is fully warmed up and ready to curl!
All you need to do is insert the hair section (up to 2 cm wide) into the curler and start it.
Wait for 5 consecutive beeps and release the hair section.
And you have the perfect curl!

*Please note: This product is rated as a hygienic product!
If the box is opened after delivery, the 14-day withdrawal will be cancelled.
Only original products in unopened condition can be returned.
Please make sure you are properly informed about the product before purchasing.
If you have any questions, please contact our staff.

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