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Modular Plus Multi Polar Radio Frequency deviceModular Plus Multi Polar Radio Frequency deviceIncrease the range of salon treatments with this multi polar radio frequency device. Our latest device provides 3 different function handpiece, whose are suitable for face and body treatments. €829 Only for professionals!Quick viewModular Plus 2in1 diamond & microdermabrasion deviceModular Plus 2in1 diamond & microdermabrasion deviceCombinated dermabrasion device, which has a diamond dermabrasion and a microdermabrasion modul. €729 Only for professionals!Quick viewModular Plus 2in1 UH peeling & diamond dermabrasionModular Plus 2in1 UH peeling & diamond dermabrasionCombinated dermabrasion device, which has a diamond dermabrasion and an UH peeling modul. €699 Only for professionals!Quick viewUltrasonic Beauty InstrumentUltrasonic Beauty InstrumentUltrasound beauty device with 3 different modulation possibilities. €319 Only for professionals!Quick viewSkin ScrubberSkin ScrubberThe 28Khz frequency device uses ultrasound waves to assist the removal of dead keratocytes and the cleaning of pores with unprecedented gentleness. €279 Only for professionals!Quick viewDiamond dermabrasionDiamond dermabrasionThis device is used for exfoliating the most superficial layer of the skin. €274 Only for professionals!Quick viewBasic Facial SteamerBasic Facial SteamerRe-opens the pores, removes the impurities easily. €179 Only for professionals!Quick viewSingle GalvanicSingle GalvanicThe Galvanic device gets the electrolytic active substances into the deepest layers of the skin. €129 Only for professionals!Quick viewRefectoCil Blonde brow 15mlRefectoCil Blonde brow 15mlBreathtaking Blonde! Some colors only achieve their most perfect effect on a light base. €5.99 Only for professionals!Quick view
Carrier oils and carrier oil blends are here too

Aroma Sense carrier oils are the most commonly used skincare essences in modern cosmetics, which can be used on their own or added to creams and massage creams.

Essential oil blends to pamper the spirit

Solanie Aroma Sense essential oil blends are special compositions that can be used to refresh or relax yourself and your guests, depending on the occasion.

Aroma Sense Repair cream and Booster gel for safe and effective use of oil blends

All mono oils and essential oil blends can only be safely used directly on the skin in combination with base creams.

Aroma Sense essential oils to refresh your mind, spirit and body

The mono oils in the new line are unique aromatic compounds, made by steam and/or water distillation or cold-pressing to preserve 100% of their natural components. We have taken great care in their selection, so you will only find oils that have a proven track record in beauty care. You can use them to improve skin problem and boost your immune system, or mix them up if you like to try new things.

Essential oil blends for problem-specific facial skin treatments

Aroma Sense essential oil blends are not only masterfully crafted special aroma compositions, but also synergistic combinations of active ingredients to target specific skin problems.

Magnifying or circular flourescent lamps?

A good magnifying lamp can be an apple of its user’s eye. But what makes a good lamp and what should you consider before choosing one, so that it can really serve you in your everyday life? Read our latest article to find out!

Partner experience on a next level

On May 16, 2022, the exclusive Gerbeaud event venue hosted Solanie's hungarian key partners for a true professional day to refresh their knowledge and meet the team that shapes the brand's everyday life. There was no shortage of interested parties, as almost all the beauticians participating in the partner programme came and listened to a series of interesting presentations.

The effect of Gua Sha stones, facial rollers and minerals in beauty care

Face rollers and gua sha stones are among the top tools for both professionals and skin care fans when it comes to tightening the face and enhancing its contours. But the question arises in everyone: what do these minerals know and do they really work? Systematically repeated movements based on meridian massage with gua sha stone and facial roller improve blood circulation, accelerate lymphatic circulation, relax facial muscles and smooth out fine lines.

Solanie beauty vitamins – for healthy hair, skin and nail

We are happy to announce the arrival of 2 new Solanie beauty vitamins: Collagen & Hyaluron and Beauty BB complex. Have you ever thought of doing something extra from inside for the beauty of your skin and health? Solanie beauty vitamins ensure the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for the health and beauty of hair, skin and nails.